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Just go to /Twitter on our website to see the compare help desk software Twitter feed, even if you are not a Twitter member. Keep up to date with all the latest compare help desk software news, developments and communications.

October 2014

After increasing demand, and a much improved share of the market of smartphones, a Windows Phone app is on its way for compare help desk software. Featuring all the great features available on the iPhone and Android apps, compare help desk software sees the Windows Phone arena picking up for business where BlackBerry were back in the day.

We will also be looking to develop the apps to be available for tablets, most notibly the iPad and iPad mini, Android Tablets, such as the Galaxy Tab, and for Windows Tablets, such as Surface. Exciting times ahead for compare help desk software, and all included in your maintenance contract.


We have also started adding some new functionality the smartphone apps, including the ability to see and add items to your requests straight from the request, so that your Technicians can track billable items issued to the end-user easily and efficiently!

  September 2014  

Version 9 continues to evolve, with new icons and images throughout both the Windows Admin Interface, and the smartphone apps. The new Android makeover breathes new Version 9 air into the look and feel, making it simpler to view and use.


  August 2014  

Version 9 is here! With a new look, new icons, new functionality and streamlined to be the very best version of our product in its 20 year history. We could not be more excited if we tried.

All of the features are available for reading within the product's new upgrade feature, as promised last month in our news feature.

For new customers, evaluate our product right now to see what we can do for you, and speak with our team to discuss your requirements. Our product is never static, and develops based on your feedback.

For existing customers, as always, you get all the same benefits, features and high level support as new customers, so make sure your maintenance contract is up to date, and upgrade now. The best thing is, it wraps around all your current data and configuration, so you can upgrade, and carry on straight away, whilst you take advantage and explore the new features.

The main guide is also updated, over at /main. Let us know what you think!



  July 2014  

Very soon, we will be launching an improved upgrade and release notes procedure, to allow clearer transparency to all users of compare help desk software to see what has been changed and improved.

This will also allow for the users to upgrade from the main screen, a process that used to only be available to those that looked after the server where compare help desk software was installed.

This, and more improvements relating to new versions of compare help desk software, are on their way, and as always, they will wrap around your existing data, so you can carry on working without delay.


Release Details Screen Sneak Preview (BETA)

Click the thumbnail to expand your view

  June 2014  

compare help desk software's Billing regime has been overhauled to make complex functionality easier to access, and utilise. With this improvement, has come the calls to add more accounting software integration in with compare help desk software's robust billing platform.

We're very happy to add Xero accounting software to the compare help desk software integration family, where information from your Xero database can be migrated easily into compare help desk software, and used for effectively billing of your end-users, collating labour, service, recurring and stock items together, or separately.


compare help desk software has a new interface. Many customers, new and existing will have been receiving e-mails from our team regarding our exciting new interface. Constant feedback was that compare help desk software was functionality rich, but aesthetically poor, looking "a bit dated".

Never let it be said that we don't take your constructive comments on board, as we launch the all new compare help desk software interfaces on the Windows, Web and Smartphone applications.


  May 2014  

Our Twitter campaign that we started way back in July 2012 has ramped up following the latest SITS14 show, and we've decided to start adding what we do for people who are not even Customers yet! Challenge our team for the features you want to see.


We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone we spoke to at the SITS14 show at Earls Court in London. The last show at this location; the end of an era.

We spoke with Customers old and new, discussing the exciting changes that compare help desk software has gone through recently, and also what is to come. We were so pleased to see everyone getting as excited as we are about our product, and see how it is going to change lives. We love this. Look forward to next year's show, which is moving to Olympia.


  April 2014  

After the Kaseya news last month, we were flooded with calls to add in your other choices. These included the integrations for N-Able and LabTech.

We also added integration with Bugzilla as well, for those who use the software. More on our features page, over at /features.


  March 2014  

After our recent work with GFI Max, formerly Hound Dog, and incredibly useful API, another few customers came to us and asked us about Kaseya, and what we could do. We were happy to say that the API was already underway, and is now available in the very latest release of compare help desk software.



  February 2014  

We value our existing Customers as much as new customers, and so we have begun our Satisfaction survey for 2014. How are we doing? As a company, and as a product? What has happened in the last twelve months that you have liked? What have we done that could be improved?

Our ears are open, and we are ready for your constructive feedback. We won't take offense, but look at this as another opportunity to grow.

Speak with your Account Manager today, and let us know your thoughts!



The new version of the Android app has also now been released, with the ability to update tickets straight after a telephone call, or a text message from a recognised end-user detail!

After your end-user has called you, the app opens, and asks if you want to update an existing ticket, or create a new one. This functionality is just amazing!

Also add expenses, journeys and update timesheets whilst on the move!



  January 2014  

As we start the new year, it's all about ramping up existing functionality, and we're very proud to add KashFlow to the compare help desk software integration family. This thriving accounts package now integrates directly with NHD, mirroring all the same wonderful functionality that benefits our Customers with QuickBooks or Sage!

Speak to the team about this, and your requirements regarding billing functionality in compare help desk software. Our functionality is second to none, written in collaboration with Accountants!



Archive News:


December 2013


A growing number of our Customer base support their Customers across multiple time zones. The project to make compare help desk software handle Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) has been completed, and is now available to all Customers.

Even if your Customers have multiple sites across multiple time zones, NHD allows for these to be set per site, and adjust accordingly.








November 2013






The iPhone app has new functionality to include Expenses, Journey times and Time separately from tickets, as well as in them. Allows Techs to account for more whilst on the move.















October 2013






The incredibly powerful billing system within compare help desk software has been overhauled to be simpler, more effective and more powerful than ever before.

Separate invoice creation for Contracts, Prepay, Recurring, Items and Labour, as needed. Still being able to drill down by Customer and Date range also, as before.












September 2013






A new Tasks feature has been added to the main interface, to set reminders for yourselves. The tasks can be linked to Tickets, if required, and will pop up at set reminder times.




August 2013


We're recruiting again! As we grow from strength to strength, so does our team. We are looking for a new programmer to join our team, and ensure the onwards and upwards growth of the product, and our company.

If you, or someone you know, would be interested in joining our team, please go to /vacancies for more information.



July 2013


Even more migration options than ever before have been added, as Customers of other leading products in our field, flock to compare help desk software for help. Check our testimonials, straight from our Customers, who moved to us after being promised so much from other competitors, who failed to deliver.

We're fast building a reputation for a leading product in the UK market. We don't need to brag, our Customers do that for us.



June 2013


The second phase of the iPhone been released on iTunes with lots of advanced functionality.

This includes the ability for Engineers to add Expenses, Time, Journeys to the database outside of tickets whilst on the move.





Capture and upload Multiple End-users Signatures


Capture and upload Multiple Customer Signatures


Capture and upload photographs to tickets.


See Date Occurred, Call Status, and notes added by your team


E-mail your End-user straight from their details.


Call your End-user straight from their details.



Update your End-users by sending copies of the notes you add by e-mail.



View Customers' site details straight from the ticket.



May 2013


Many of you are moving your services to the cloud, and one of the more popular services being the free services offered by Google.

Your Google Calendar now integrates with compare help desk software 2013, allowing all the same great functionality previously offered with Exchange Calendars.



April 2013


The GFI Max Remote Management integration proper is now available in compare help desk software 2013!

We have worked with GFI Max, the ever increasingly popular choice of monitoring software, to provide an integration that goes beyond the current amazing functionality offered by our Service Status Monitoring.

NHD now syncs your Customers, their Assets and the services you monitor directly with GFI Max, all in one sync!



March 2013


compare help desk software 2013 is here! /upgrade for the latest files and guide.

The functionality has taken another leap forward. More existing customers than ever are staying with compare help desk software, and new Customers migrating to us from some of the biggest names in our industry.

This also includes improving and enhancing what we already do. Our functionality now includes the integration of the calendar feature within compare help desk software, in use with Office 365.



compare help desk software has it's own integrated calendar feature, that allows you to make appointments within tickets. NHD will then push your appointments out to your Technician's calendars. This amazing, intelligent 2-way functionality works with both Exchange Calendars on your domain, and Office 365.


February 2013


compare help desk software 2013 is on its way! Get excited now for some fantastic new features that have been added recently for everyone to use. We have no "fork" versions of compare help desk software. Just one big beautiful application with options that everyone can enjoy, regardless of their purchase option!



January 2013


During the last year, we have had requests for continuous feedback about new features. As we add these features in, how can you too experience and benefit from all the additional improvements that we add on a continuing basis.



We are now tweeting new feature updates, as well as many other things. Follow us: @compare help desk software.


December 2012


The Calendar feature in compare help desk software is already one of the most advanced in the help desk software marketplace, that goes far beyond just capturing appointments against tickets.




Now this advanced feature has been enhanced to include a drag and drop facility from the main screen, to create a planned action date and appointment in one move.

You can also right click on an appointment to reassign to another Technician, rather than having to go back to the ticket. These kinds of tweaks were made based on Customer feedback, and done free of charge. They are also available to all. Go to /releasenotes to read more on all the great changes we're making for you!


November 2012


The screenshots of the upcoming Android app were released via our Twitter account (@compare help desk software), giving a sneak peak at upcoming functionality.

As well as the same login screen, dashboard and signature capture screens you see in the iPhone app (see June's news), these screenshots show how the Android app doesn't deter from the iPhone app's functionality, with easy to read screens and straight-forward updating.








October 2012


The CRM functionality in compare help desk software grows from strength to strength, with bespoke detailed records that can be kept at the User, Site and Client/Area levels, as well as time and date stamped CRM notes that were already part of the functionality.

Now, from version 7.16 onwards, right click at the Customer/Area level, and select "View Activity" to have a CRM overview of activity on the account for that Customer, in just 1 click! Whether it's ticket, notes/emails, quotations, sales orders, supplier orders, assets, sites/locations, users, contracts or documents you need an overview of, it's now at your fingertips!



Click on the image to enlarge the screenshot.


September 2012


We offer Feature Matching all leading competitor software. Our product develops based on Customer feedback, and as Customers ask us for features, we add them into the general release, so everyone can benefit and enjoy.

Contact our support team now to tell them what compare help desk software is lacking, and we're happy discuss options with you.







August 2012




The Quotation, Sales Order and Purchase Order functionality has now been overhauled, to have more functionality, and streamlined workflow that goes beyond the existing functionality. Previously only part of a ticket, they are now separate entities, that can be selected for view in the main screen. Each Technician account has the option to add these in, so those it's not relevant for can keep it switched off.

Speak with the team to take you through this functionality, or upgrade to take full advantage.







July 2012




#CHALLENGENHD. In 2012, more than ever, time is of the essence. Exploring a new program, or even an existing one for features takes time you just haven't got. So why not #ChallengeNHD?







Are there any features you want that you're not sure compare help desk software has? Is there another product that has these features, but you wish NHD had them? More than likely we do already!!

We launched a new Twitter campaign called #ChallengeNHD, getting our Customers and followers to challenge our team for features. The response had been excellent, and many delighted that features they wanted were already there. And some new ones are being added in as we speak. Give it a try @compare help desk software.






June 2012




We released the pictures of some screenshots from the new iPhone app via Twitter (@compare help desk software), teasing you all more on how fantastic it's going to be. With signature capture, Goggle Maps integration, amongst many other functions, we're not sure how you're going to survive your daily life without it.

When the app is ready for use, we will let everyone know. The Android and BlackBerry apps are looking excellent as well, and progress is being made.





















May 2012




Version 7 is released to all Customers, and new installer for new Customers has been released.  Go to /upgrade for the guide on how to upgrade, and the link to the latest files.







A new feature has also been added for dealing with 3rd party monitoring and alerting systems, that sends e-mails when there is a problem with a device or system. Currently services can be used to process these e-mails. Now you can also process these alert e-mails as requests if you prefer.

Please see /releasenotes for full details.






April 2012




Version 7 is on its way! As we prepare for the launch of the app propers for compare help desk software, this new version allows a whole host of fantastic app benefits.






March 2012




The columns that have been chosen for viewing by the Technician are now stored in a database table, so each technician can now have multiple sets of columns called a view. You can also create global views that anyone can use if you have compare help desk software admin rights.

Please see /releasenotes for full details.






February 2012




The Billing Engine in compare help desk software has been improved to run even faster, and based on Customer feedback, can now be interfaced with Supplier Orders in Sage.

Please see /releasenotes for full details.






January 2012




The timesheet feature has been enhanced to include 2 email based reports described below:

- Sends and email to each technician on Monday morning at 10am (an options/setup/timesheets variable) with timesheet details.. 4 columns: Tech name, Hours logged, Hours target, utilization rate as %.

- Sends email to manager on Monday at 12am (a variable) with timesheet details for all techs.. 4 columns: Tech name, Hours logged, Hours target, utilization rate as %

Please see /releasenotes for full details.






December 2011




New iPhone, Android and BlackBerry apps on their way!













Register your interest at helpdesk@compare help desk

Version 6.30 was released, with:
- Improved Main Screen view, simplified with toggle on/off Navigation Pane.
- Improved Billing Functionality, including rounding, Out of Hour multipliers etc.
- Additional Approval rules.
- Improved Importing functionality.
- Improved Request Templates and Child/Parent ticket functionality.
- Improved e-mail functionality, including automated e-mails based on Ticket Status.
- New Daily Stats with targets, and Board Reports added.
- And many more, including QuickBooks 2012 / Sage 2012 compatibility.

Also, the all new compare help desk software Logo was unveiled.






November 2011







The compare help desk software Help Desk Software Guides have been completely overhauled, compiled into one guide, and then broken out into separate mini guides for easy access, with videos made relative to their areas.






October 2011







compare help desk software Help Desk Software passed the Intuit Technical Review, and has now been added to their Marketplace as a preferred software partner.

In addition, we're pleased to announce we've added further compatibility with QuickBooks Australia and New Zealand Editions. We're the only Help Desk Software in the world (that we know of) that is able to integrate with the "Reckon" branded versions of QuickBooks.






September 2011







Our team has written many SQL Server Report Builder format reports for compare help desk software.  Contact us for further information.









August 2011











compare help desk software is now certified by Pink Elephant through its PinkVERIFY program, and has been verified by Pink Elephant as compatible with industry best practices. compare help desk software helps to support IT Service Management best practices, and is in alignment with ITIL processes.









July 2011










- compare help desk software is now on YouTube! (Channel name: compare help desk softwareLtd) Great videos uploaded!
- UPDATED Guides page - Now included in Trial download and available for existing Customers.
- First two QUICK USEFUL TIPS e-mail sent out.
- Lots of general tweaks of version 6.12 updated to improve productivity.






June 2011







New version of Mobile Application released.


April 2011











Thank you to all of our visitors for their valuable time at this years Service Desk & IT Support Show at Earls Court, London. We loved getting to know your company requirements, and explaining how we met those needs.

We look forward to working with you all.









March 2011






New Website coming soon...

We're listening to your feedback:
- Do you have any feedback regarding our website?
- Anything you want to see that is not yet here?
- Any features you are looking for?
- Contact us and give us your honest feedback. We're not easily offended!

We aim to tailor our software to fit around your business, and not the other way around!









February 2011




Version 6 released. New features include:

- Rich Text Format e-mails.
- 2-way Exchange synchronisation.
- 1-Click QuickBooks and Sage Customer Syncing.
- Google Maps integration.
- Rich Text Knowledge Base.
- Improved Automation/Work Flow.
- Additional Web Services.
- End User SMS Notifications.

Please see current version download for full release notes.






July 2010




Version 5.22 Released. New features include:

- Direct Calendar Interface with Exchange 2003/2007/2010.
- New Improved Request Closure Screen.
- Many more options/features added to supplier management.
- Native SMS feature added.

Please see current version download for full release notes.


March 2010


Version 5.15 Released. New features include:

- Department Tree including Full Auto LDAP Sync to Department.
- Improved Approval Processing inc. Approval by Department Head.
- Many User Interface Enhancements .

Please see current version download for full release notes.






December 2009




Version 5.10 Released. New features include:

- Improved Billing Engine.
- Improvements to Auto-Inventory Processing.
- Support for Sage 2010.
- Support for QuickBooks 2010.

Please see current version download for full release notes.


September 2009




Version 5.05 Released. New features include:

- Custom Fields inc. Drop Down, Text, Date, Time etc.
- Custom Request Types.
- Improved Dashboard.
- Approval Processing.
- Advanced Field Visibility Rules.

Please see current version download for full release notes.






June 2009



We would like to thank everyone who took the time to visit us at the recent Service Desk Show at Earls Court, London.

We were delighted with the level of interest and are pleased to announce that we have already surpassed sales levels from previous years.






April 2009


Version 5.00 Released. New features include:

- New Request Screen Designer (to allow you to hide fields you don't use).
- Improved Request Details Screen.
- New Quick Actions and Hotkeys (Right-click on request list).
- End User Closure Confirmation via Email and Web.
- Managerial SLA Overview Screen.
- Chart Dashboard (including Kiosk Mode).
- Auto SLA Release on End User Update.
- Manual Billing Option.
- Unread request feature, displays in bold if an unread ticket.

Please see current version download for full release notes.


February 2009




Version 4.68 is released. New features include:

- A richer drag and drop interface making compare help desk software even easier to use.
- A formatted email interface that allows incoming emails to be logged in a structured format, e.g. used to record category values.

Other features include:

- Auto request improvements.
- Ability to group auto requests together for ease of listing.
- View by site - for uses such as domain name renewal.
- Alarm emails when items reach re-order levels and software usage is exceeded.
- Auto reports can be scheduled and emailed.
- Unlimited devices can be linked to a user.
- Up to 3 levels of categories can be defined.
- Ability to import devices for all sites added.
- Contents of action grid shown to end users now adjustable.
- Inventory number can be alphanumeric.
- Option to list requests assigned to logged in technician now available.
- End users can view requests by status.
- Actions can be hidden from end users.

Please see current version download for full release notes.


September 2008


compare help desk software would like to welcome CC-Net AG as a distributor in the region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We are currently working on a German Windows interface, due for release in March 2009.






April 2008


compare help desk software Version 4.52 is released.

New features include a data migration module to assist with transfer of data from other systems. As more organisations have been moving to compare help desk software from other applications we decided to ease the migration process by developing a migration tool.

We now have French and Dutch web programs to add to the many other languages we support.

In response to customer demand, compare help desk software now tracks response times in addition to fix by times.

Please see current version download for full release notes.




December 2007


compare help desk software Version 4.44 is released. New features include:

- Incoming TAPI facility to allow the compare help desk software to synchronise with incoming telephone caller.
- User interface has been improved and there are now more user definable fields available.

Please see current version download for full release notes.


June 2007




compare help desk software Version 4.32 is released. New features include:

- Enhanced payment processing.
- Improved technician planner module.
- QuickBooks integration.
- Improved SLA handling and much more.

Please see current version download for full release notes.






June 2007






QuickBooks integration.
compare help desk software has teamed up with QuickBooks to provide a link directly into QuickBooks Accounts, allowing for the automatic creation of invoices. This strengthens compare help desk software's position as a single integrated system used to manage your entire IT business.









December 2006






compare help desk software Version 4.28 is released.

Already having among the highest functionality in the market, we decided to dedicate a team of professionals to the task of improving the user interaction experience. We now have the easiest to use system we have ever developed while maintaining easy access to all the most commonly used features.

Please see current version download for full release notes.









November 2006






Sage integration.
compare help desk software has teamed up with Sage to provide a link directly into Sage Accounts, allowing for the automatic creation of invoices. Development commenced on 14th November 2006 and we are aiming for launch on the 31st January 2007.



August 2006




compare help desk software Version 4.20 is released.

The amendments include an improved user interface making it even easier to navigate around the system and providing an even more enjoyable experience while using the software. Other additions include a stop/start timer to enhance time tracking capabilities.


July 2006




compare help desk software is launched in the Italian market. With its localized edition and Milan based support centre, we are now able to offer a market beating help desk solution to customers throughout Italy.

The next phase of the internationalisation will see the product rolled out in Germany, Hungary and the Baltic.


April 2006


compare help desk software Version 4.15 is released. The amendments include:

- Additional level to client/area/site hierarchy.
- User definable fields per request / per client.
- CC Emails, email direct using own email client.
- TAPI interface for autodialing / VOIP.
- Multiple working day definition.
- Cross reference requests and clear all in one step.
- End users can add progress notes to an existing request.

Please see current version download for full release notes.


January 2006




Work has commenced on the development of foreign language editions of compare help desk software.

The translation phase will see the core product and the web interface translated into several foreign languages, including French, Spanish and German. The web interface will be the first multi-language module to be brought to market. The roll out date set for the Spanish edition has been set as 10 November 2005. Other language editions can be expected shortly after.


December 2005


compare help desk software Version 4.11 is released. The amendments include:

- Ability to have a pool of hours, per period, per client. The pool of unused hours optionally carries over. A new report shows how many hours are left per client.
- You can now set up recurring daily / morning requests, which are automatically created for tasks which you need to tick off and audit.
- Add documents via the existing document wizard to individual devices, requests, and knowledge base entries. Ability to set the default and unknown values for the estimate field on new requests. Track non-billable time as well as the billable time.
- End users can show just their own requests or all List KB entries on an FAQ list from KB lookup screen.



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